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by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

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Cassy desires her best thanks for the book. She was quite delighted to see it: I do not know when I have seen her so much struck by anybody's kindness as on this occasion. . . .These gloves having appeared on the Piano Forte ever since you were here on Friday, we imagine they must be yours.

Chawton, Sunday, June 23rd Uncle Charles's birthday

Letter to niece Anna Lefroy, June 23, 1816

In the letter quoted for June 23rd, Austen mentions to her niece Anna (daughter of James), that the day was the birthday of the youngest Austen sibling, Charles (1779-1852). Of the few Austen characters whose birthdays we learn, who has a birthday on June 23rd?

Elizabeth Elliot
Fanny Price
Charlotte Palmer
Harriet Smith