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by William Phillips, GCR Deputy Coordinator

Today's Quote

"Whom are you going to dance with?" asked Mr. Knightley.

She hesitated a moment, and then replied, "With you, if you will ask me."

"Will you?" said he, offering his hand.

"Indeed I will. You have shewn that you can dance, and you know we are not really so much brother and sister as to make it at all improper."

"Brother and sister! no, indeed."


At the ball, when Emma agrees to dance with Mr. Knightley, she says that he has shown his ability to dance. What did he do for Emma to say that?

He has saved Harriet from humiliation by dancing with her.
He had previously joined all the men in a male line dance.
He partnered Mrs. Elton in the opening dance of the evening.
He had danced every dance prior to the time he asked Emma.